Philipp Saile

Philipp Saile

Scientific officer at the
International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change (UNESCO)

Federal Institute of Hydrology
P.O. Box 200253
56002 Koblenz, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 261 1306 5305

Scope of duties

  • Coordination of the GEMS/Water Data Centre in support of the UN Environment GEMS/Water Programme.
  • Acquisition of water quality monitoring data from national and collaborating partners of the GEMS/Water Global Monitoring Network.
  • Supporting and consulting GEMS/Water partners in the fields of water quality data management, data exchange and data products.
  • Representing GEMS/Water in international committees and working groups.

Professional Experience

01/2015 – : Coordinator of the GEMS/Water Data Centre in the International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change, Koblenz, Germany. Water quality monitoring data acquisition, quality assurance and data product development.

10/2009 – 12/2014: Scientific officer at the German IHP/HWRP-Secretariat, Koblenz, Germany. Hydrological modelling and water information systems.


2004 – 2009: Diploma studies in hydrology (Dipl.-Hydrol.), Technische Universität Dresden, diploma thesis: Development of a methodology for the robust estimation of the runoff disposition using self-organizing maps.

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