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No. 01 – July 2020

Our ICWRGC newsletter regularly informs on news in the field of hydrology dealing with research, data, networks, education and training as well as events at a national and international level.
02 July 2020

GRDC Data Download provides River Discharge Data online

The GRDC Data Download portal has been completed and now in-situ river discharge data collected since 1988 in the Global Runoff Database are available with a few mouse clicks.
The Global Runoff Database of quality controlled “historical” mean daily and monthly discharge data has developed into the most comprehensive global river discharge data archive supporting climate-related programs and projects of the United Nations and their special organizations and the scientific and research communities at large. ...
30 June 2020


Uncertainties of an often unknown magnitude are often inherent in data on water quality and suspended matter concentrations. This is due to the spatiotemporal variability of the dissolved and suspended matter in combination with the representativity of the sampling process (duration, spatial distribution, measurement interval). ...
25 June 2020

75th anniversary of the United Nations

75 years ago, after the end of WW2, the United Nations were founded in Washington/USA in October 1945, with their charter already having been signed in June ’45. UN organisations were gradually installed, e.g. the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in October 1945, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in November ‘45, the World Health Organization WHO in 1948, the World Meteorological Organization WMO in May 1950 and the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP in June 1972. ...
15 June 2020

ISI – Training Workshop “River Basin Sediment Monitoring and Management”

The workshop under the umbrella of UNESCO’s International Sediment Initiative (ISI) aims at providing knowledge on:
  • sediment measurement and monitoring
  • transferring measurement and monitoring results to management solutions
  • improving current sediment management strategies to find sustainable solutions
  • evolving from local river management to integrated landscape management.
27 May 2020

European water-quality monitoring data in GEMStat database undergoes major update

In the Europe-wide database Waterbase, the European Environment Agency (EEA) regularly collects data on nutrients, organic matter, hazardous substances and other chemical substances in surface water and groundwater from 32 EEA member countries and 6 cooperating countries. ...
04 May 2020

Global groundwater models: new endeavour for hydrologists facing multiple challenges

In a new publication “Importance of Spatial Resolution on Global Groundwater Modelling” by Reinecke et al. in a special issue of Groundwater, the authors explore the difficulties in modelling groundwater on a global scale. ...
16 April 2020

ICWRGC to present at “EGU2020 – Sharing Geoscience Online

Due to the COVID19 crisis, the European Geosciences Union (EGU) has chosen a new format for their General Assembly: the largest-ever Geoscience Virtual Meeting ...
09 April 2020

MSc. Thesis Opportunities at the ICWRGC

Are you a master student in geosciences and are you looking for a master thesis topic in the field of hydrology? The International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change offers multiple master thesis topics with the option of writing them in collaboration with your university! ...
22 March 2020

The United Nations’ World Water Day 2020 emphasizes the importance of the topic of “Water and Climate change”

The changing climate is impacting the world, its societies and ecosystems, mainly through water. This means the climate crisis is basically a water crisis.
Today, on the World Water Day 2020, the UN World Water Development Report 2020 will be presented. The report concludes that climate change leads to reduced fresh water availability and deteriorated water quality. ...
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